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Because I have nothing else to do while I'm sick, like, rest.
This is going to be a post about many things. I hope it won't get too long.

Let's start with last week. Thursday I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with my friends at movie theater Orion in Helsinki. RHPS is pretty much a cult movie, starring Tim  Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, directed by Jim Sharman, based on Richard O'Brien's (who was also Riff Raff in the movie) Rocky Horror Show.
Now this wasn't any usual movie, where you sat silently watching the screen, eating popcorn and trying not to laugh too loud. Nope. This was an interaction show. Meaning, you could "take part" in the movie. Like, the movie starts with wedding scene, you throw rice with the movie characters, and when characters rose a toast, you threw toast (logic, eh), and when they unwrap Rocky of his bandages, you throw toilet paper. 
The best movie "snacks" ever. + the rice in my pocket
So everyone was yelling comments, singing along, blowing their party horns, throwing stuff, and dancing along with Time Warp. Yes, there was instructions in internet before hand, since these kinds of shows has apparently been held before around the world as well : D Also dressing up was part of the thing. There were many movie characters present, and some just dressed in movie theme, net stockings, high heels, make up. I didn't since I didn't have anything fitting :'D Only the muff of Hakuryû's spear, but I remembered that only at the movie theater. There was one girl dressed up as Columbia who did pretty much everything real Columbia did on the screen. It seemed like everyone (except me...) memorized the whole script :'D I had only seen RHPS once before. I tried to learn at least couple of songs for the event l'D
Even though couple of people got little bit too excited, it was so much fun!! I'd like Finland to have more these kinds of things!

I could seriously link all these songs, but I trust you are smart enough to search them yourself after listening these. These two are my favourites

How many times have you left a movie theatre looking like this?

 Friday I had a job interview. 8'clock. I was home around midnight because of the movie last night.
But anyway, I got the job! \o/  It's a staff restaurant, and I'll be both at Juvanmalmi and Westend's place (because Wesend's is so small, we make food for there as well at Juvanmalmi and then warm it up there), both in Espoo thank god. I was supposed to start on Monday, but I got sick on Sunday, so I'm starting tomorrow Wensday. Good thing in this is that it's day job and no weekends. Since cons are on weekends, I don't have to arrange work stuff because of them. Yay! Now I'm just waitng my boss to call so I know what time I start tomorrow.

Also, I applied for baker-confectioner's adult education at Omnia. It would start at January, and school would be four night a week for a year. I guess around 16-21. I hope I get in, I already tried to get to youth side last spring, with no luck >: and it's already hard enough to get into a school if you already have one education, and now they're about to tighten it even still.

I finally got to make new wig for Mathilda, yay for that! \o/
webcam derp lol
The antennas are not masterpiece, but still better than the last ones :D Now I'm waiting for an opportunity to use her again~ And I might soon have, thanks to one video project about which I'll talk later :3
 Saturday I also cut fabrics for Elyon and Gou's skirt, which I also finished. Now I only need to do her ribbon (and get the new wig). So saturday was pretty cosplay-full day :'D
I got a notice of arrival from post today. If it's Gou's wig, wow, that was fast! If it's that Free! School Uniform badge.. why something so small didn't come all way to my post locker? :'D They have send wigs all way here as well.

I could put some photos of our another photoshoot last week. This was about my and Nana's characters in a (horror) movie we're about to film with our friends. You will heard about this still!
Rita (me): German, 18 years, quite "do first, think later" kind of girl.
Hannah (Nana): Rita's second cousin, British, snob.

R:" Look, a bug!!" H: "ewwwww!"

R:"Come on, it's cute." H:"Take it away!!"



H: "No, get down, you idiot!"

Cousin hug!

We were making Hannah's skirt. I have no idea what happened..

ONE MORE THING! Sunday came new episode of Magi, and and and IT WAS DEBUT EPISODE OF KOUHA!!
Just look at that cute psyco <3
I'm a bit further in manga, so I've seen Kouha already, and I really started to like him right away~ (don't worry Hakuryu, you're still my number one <3 for now). I got to say, I expected him to have a little bit more... childish voice. Then it was so manly I was like WHAAAT :'D His seiyu is Kakihara Tetsuya. And I was seriously shocked when I found out he is OLDER than Hakuryu (18, Haku is 16 according to MAL) O_O
This calls for fanart! ...And cosplay plans, maybe~?

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