sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

Photoshoot at Silent Hill

I was photoshootting with my friends Rewe and Visa. Rewe wanted pictures of her Heather (Silent Hill) cosplay, and asked for Silenthillish setting. Suprisinly that was found quite close, just 10 minutes from my house at Kera. I took a chance to get photos of my Elyon cosplay, even though the costume isn't ready (read: I haven't even started), but as a casual version. Witches fit for halloween, after all!

By the way.. I was thinking, if halloween is a party for horror and creepy stuff... why do we wish "happy halloween"? :'D I mean, I know the history of it, but now days.. l'D

Buuut for the actual thing!
The location was an old gas factory

Big, dark room >:

This one is edited by me..

...and this was edited by my big brother

I was also behind the camera today!

OMFG it's Pyramid Head!! ... wait...

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