perjantai 25. lokakuuta 2013

Free! Drama CDs

Ordered from CDJapan
Got these just today <3
First time something I ordered went to customs, I was like "what do I need to do!?" :'D so we figured it would easier to go to the office.

tiistai 22. lokakuuta 2013

Elyon wig test + Iwatobi Swimming Club Shirt

Blurry backside, because shaking had is shaky

I got Elyon's (second, first had to be returned) wig. It came under a week, which is probably fastest time I've received a wig! :D
Otherwise it's good, but I can't figure how to make the pigtails stay like that... rolled? Ideas?

Like this!

I just had to make one :'D Those shirts were just so cute! (and I can use it in my upcoming Gou cosplay!)
I tried to be as precise as I could in copying the picture. 
This is how the backside should look.
It's just normal, white unisex t-shirt dyed yellow and drawn with fabric marker. Now days it seems to be hard to find normal unisex t-shirt without a print. And if it's a more "unusual" or bright colour, it's almost mission impossible. I went to our nearby flea market (which I didn't even know that was there before!) after one other shop which I trusted failed me, and found one - ONE! - white t-shirt that was right model! It was L-size, but it only costed 1€, so it wouldn't have been huge loss. But good thing was I didn't need to make it smaller, only shorten the hem :)

I'm still going to streinghten the Iwatobi-chan in the front, and add the shadows to the backside :3

tiistai 8. lokakuuta 2013


Last weekend first Fanfest took place at Helsinki's Paasitorni at Hakaniemi. It's probably first con in Finland that highlights on western pop culture. I wasn't planning to attend first, but thanks to Rewe's heatening, I bought the ticket after Tracon. It was quite expensive, 27€, but when I looked at Fanfest's programme I thought that maybe it's worth it. And let me tell you, it was!

Fanfest was probably first con I've attended that had so much programs I wanted to see! If I complained at Tracon that a couple of programs were at the same time, I take my words back. Fanfest was even worse!

So much to see, so much at the same time!!

All marked with black are the programs I would have liked to see. Purple ones are those I went to in the end :'D Crossed ones had been cancelled :< I forgot to mark few programs I'd liked to go, for example "Marvelin nousu ja tuho", "Kaikki myytit ovat totta", "Fanitukseni on laitonta", "VHS-estetiikka" and "Taide, tuska ja fanitaide" (too lazy to translate these). So yeah, I would have been at almost every program! 
All the programs I attended were worth seeing. From Gaijin-lecture I got many new animes to watch, and Nita gave me desire to read Never Ending Story. But, there was one program I would have not missed for any reason (You probably guess it from the picture).

"Secrets of dubbing - from VHS to silver screen"-panel. My friends Myy, Cilla and Nita held it, and they had got there three big names in Finnish dubbing scene: Antti LJ Pääkkönen, Pekka Lehtosaari and Jarkko Tamminen. Lehtosaari has directed many, if not most, Finnish Disney and Studio Chibli's dubs, and dubbed Baloo in Jungle Book. Pääkkönen, my own favourite of Finnish voice actors, had dubbed for example young Hercules, Jim Hawkins (<3), Sopngebob, Sid the Sloth, Scamp, and also played Genie in Aladdin musical. Tamminen, who is also an imitator, has given his voice to  King Candy, Peter Pan, adult Hercules, Balto and Kuzco. They talked about their dubbing carees, how things have changed during past decades. People couls ask questions from them and, of course, they gave us voices f those many characters they have dubbed. And Lohis had prepared us more surprised: three men were gived four parts of books which the girls had casted for their characters. Try imagine Spongebob as Hagrid from Harry Potter, or Sid as Moominmama, Batman as Moominpapa or storyteller in Harry Potter, Kuzco as Eero and  from Aleksis Kivi's Seitsemän Veljestä or Tintin as Snufkin. It was too hilarious! I took videos for the reading parts, but too bad my camera ran out of space in the middle of second Moomin part. But if I understood right, it was filmed by the con, and you can see it at Afureko-blog when the Lohis get it.
This panel itself was enough to get me to Fanfest, and after it I didn't doubt at all that was it a good thing to pay 27€ for this! It was first of the kind in Finland. And after the panel the three men signed autographs, and the line was enormous! Good thing I was among the front l'D
Gotta love this <3 Treasure Planet is, after all, my favourite Disney-movie, I'm Still Here is my favourite Disney-song, and Antti is my favourite finnish dubber along side of Samuel Harjanne! I just had to cover the cover (ppft) with contact paper becauce it was signed on the plastic cover
And these <3

Seitsemän Veljestä

Moomins and the Magican's Hat

Moomins and Dangerous Midsummer (part of it)