maanantai 11. marraskuuta 2013


Had photoshoot with my friend Nana today, to test my Gou wig. Yes, it is way too dark >: I bought a new one just a moment ago. I hope it's better. And I hope the seller still accepts the old one back, or that some one will buy it at Cosplay Fleamarket.

We went to near our old elementary school, and since the school was still open we went it to take some pictures too :'D We also took pictures of our characters in a movie we're filming with our other friends next spring.
I'll post Free!-pictures today, and the other ones some other day.

And yay, I got a new name for this blog and a little bit edited outlook! *party*
No moar school plz...

"Kou!" "Gou." "Kou" "Kou" "Gou!.. DAMNIT!" "Gotcha."

Yes, there was a little stream there. Nagisa wanted to go for swim. Noooo it't November, it's too cold!!

You can do it, one more!

And he couldn't do it...

"Lol let's take a photo"
Aaand this is what we got
Yyyyeah, so :'D

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