keskiviikko 3. syyskuuta 2014

1st Birthday give away!

Skudaa kullanmurut!

(Olen laiska joten kirjotan vain yhdellä kielellä että kaikki ymmärtää, jos et ymmärrä, kysy :'D)
My blog baby turns one year today! Yay!
For that I finally got to change the out look of this thing. Pandas were nice but it was maybe bit too bright (though I liked it). This one looks like some cup cake paper but doesn't that suit me :'D I still need to make bigger cover picture, but I'll probably make new one after Tracon since I might want to have Kouha in it.
In a year I have also gotten 30 readers, which confuses me greatly. When I started, I didn't think anyone would read this xD Big thanks to everyone who has managed to read my confusing stories! <3

But! You remember when a couple posts away I wrote about that Honeycolor order and the gift contacts?
Well, I fugured I have no use for those green ones, my cosplay list has one green eyed character and that's a pair cosplay so I probably need to buy new ones anyway because we need same lenses. And I don't use lenses in daily life. It also feels weird to sell something of which you haven't paid anything yourself.
So I thought I'd be a nice person and give these away, because everyone loves free stuff!

Lenses are Neo Cosmo Extra Green, diameter is 14.2 and 0.0 prescription. Along comes of course a lens case. I'm pretty sure these are these lenses, but with only 3 months lifespan (the packet said quarterly). These don't have packet anymore, but I will pack them somehow that they won't broke.

How to practisipate? I though for long what to put here so that this post won't be full of "lol comment" comments, and since this is mostly a cosplay blog, comment following stuff:
1. Which character would you like to see me cosplaying as? It can be anything, from anime, western series, comics, movies, you name it. (like my cosplay list isn't long enough already)
2. Your email
3. If you come outside of Blogger/don't have Google account and comment as anonymous, leave name/nick name with which you can be identified

Time limit is 30.9, and I will pick winner during following week. And yes, this is a world wide giveaway, and you don't have to be a reader of this blog if you want to take part (but I do appreciate if you do!).
And you may spread the love and tell about this to your friends so that we get an exciting competition!

I hope I got all the required information here. I'll be expecting your comments. Luck to you, folks!


4 kommenttia:

  1. Uuuu ilmaista kamaa! :-DD

    Joo siis mulla tulee heti ekana Hakuoukin Heisuke mieleen ja sit first season Digimonin Taichi/Tai! :D Myös InuYashan Shippou jostain syystä. x)


    1. Okei Taichi ja Shippou oli aika yllätys :'DDD Voi heisuke <3 Hakuoukista on kyllä mielessä eräs toinen hahmo, vaikka Heikkiki on sulonen l'>

  2. Onneks olkoon ykkösvuotissynttärisankarille!(hyimikäsanahirviö) :)) Mulle tuli heti ensimmäisenä mieleen sun hymystä ja silmistä Brave elokuvan Merida! Se ihan normi versio missä sillä on se ihana takkutukka :D Jotenki tuntuu että se sopis ku nenä naamaan sulle :)

    Terveisin Nio
    (sry kommentoin nimettömänä kerta google ja blogger ei oo mun parhaita kavereita :p)

  3. Aaah, itse pidän kamalasti DC universumista joten ehkäpä joku hahmo siitä? Stephanie Brown vaikuttaa hahmolta joka voisi sopia sinulle ;> Ja näin muuten vaan tuli myös mieleen Maya Fey Ace Attorney:sta! (alekailin@yahoo.cl)