keskiviikko 4. syyskuuta 2013

Hello + everything

I finally decided to make myself a blog. This far I have only used DA's journal, but as you can't add pictures to your enties without Premium, I thought this would be handy. I'm probably going to write both in Finnish (mostly) and English (if my DA buddies read this as well :3).

Wow. I've been really active during last 7 days... First I made Skype last week, and now this! :'D

This blog will mostly be about cosplay, cons, anime/manga and food. So basically all that's important in my life. I'm still not that good in managing blogger, buuut I guess I will learn (hopefully...).

Currently I'm looking for a new job. My summer job ended a couple of weeks ago, and now I have only been lazying around -_- I was in a job interview today, to Hotel Siikaranta in Espoo. The place seemed very nice, and the interviewer(?) was really nice and told a lot about their buisness. And she also said she's very pleased with me, so maybe I have a chance~ Only bad thing is that the place is a bit far and not the most easiest place to get to. But what I looked, there will go busses there during whole day.

I'm also looking for an own apartment with my friend. Today we got a offer from one of the places. It's actually almost next to where my brother used to live until start of the summer :'D We're going to visit the renter or something Friday. I mean, we're not going to the apartment itself, we're going to the office of the company which rents it. The location at least would be almost perfect, as it's near the train station and also many buses go from there to around Espoo.

Tracon is also near. I have my cosplays almost ready.
Saturday: Ren Hakuryuu (Magi The Labyrinth of Magic)

Sunday: Mathilda (Beyblade G-Revolution) (no wings! xD)
Mathilda of course is ready, as I made her already two (already so long!!!??) years back. I ordered a new wig for her though, and it needs to be modified, as in cut and the antennas. Although, I've never done those bracelets of hers o_O I always forget them, as I don't use jewelry...
For Hakuryuu, I still need to finish his jacket and staff.  I'm very satisfied with his costume. Only that I'm not completely satisfied with is his crown... thingie... But I still try to fix it, it's not that bad :3

Hakuryuu must be first time I still have things to do for cosplay this near con. I was sure this would be my first "finish the cosplay night before con"- kind of things, but I got it done pretty fast. Woot!

I have also plans already for next year~ But more about them after Tracon! See you there!! o7

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