lauantai 28. syyskuuta 2013


...meaning cosplay-plans for future :'D 

Coming for next year:
Moogle - Final Fantasy (gijinka)
Trying to keep this as simple and less money taking as possible. Haven't thought of design yet. Probably gonna make this for Ropecon at least, if not before.

Elyon - W.I.T.C.H.
I didn't find any pictures of the outfit I'm going to do, so let's keep it as a secret for now ;D 

Oliver Boulangier - Beyblade
I'm gonna do both of his outfits at some point, for sure! But I like his G-Revolution version more, so maybe I'll start with it. Although there's not much reference material of it.....

+ Gonna fix Hakuryuu and Mathilda

For some unknown time:

Hikari Yagami - Digimon Zero Two
I was planning her for next winter but then I realized she only has that dress, and not jacket like I first thought :'D So maybe for some other time.

Salima - Beyblade V-Force/2002
I haven't thought which outfit I'd do. Psychic uniform would be a nice challenge, but I like her casual clothes :'D

Vulpix - Pokémon (gijinka)
Because Vulpix is <3 I have design in mind.

Max - Beyblade G-Revolution
Because Max is the best. And G-Revolution. I've planned this ever since I first decided to cosplay Max.

Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones
This is a BIG MAYBE. Because cosplaying real-life characters is... I dunno if it's harder but, you get it :'D And all her dresses are pretty revealing. I was thinking that one she wore when she visited King's Landing's orphanage in Season 3 episode 1.

Shorty - Bust-A-Groove
I'm not a gamer, but Bust-A-Groove is one of those few games I have spent time with, and I always liked Shorty, because she was first character I learned to play with.

Pirika Usui - Shaman King
I'm trying to get my big brother to cosplay HoroHoro ;^;

Gou Matsuoka - Free!
I want to do at least one seifuku-cosplay, and Free! is the thing right now. Although I'm not sure if I want to do this while it is still so big thing l'D And I haven't seen that many Gous.

There is also one cosplay for group, but I'd rather not advertise it since I'm not sure if we're still keeping it as a secret :o and I 'm not even sure will we even do it.
I'm open for new ideas and advices (for example for Salima's and Elyon's wigs). And you can also help me to choose cosplays for next year!

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