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Animujaja part 2 1/3

This time I'll present some of my favourite animes :) But since this would probably be too long thanks to two of them, I'm going to separate this into a few parts.

Shaman King
Episodes: 64
Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural, Comedy, Adventure, Shounen

"I'm a Shaman. The one who links this world and the other world." These words said in the first episode sums up a meaning of shamans pretty well. Shaman is a person who uses power of spirits, in this case, to fight. Every shaman has their own main spirit, some can have multiple. Using Hyoi Gattai (letting the spirit "control" their body) they gain the spirit's strength it had when it was alive. Another shaman technique is Oversoul, where shaman uses his or her own shamanic strength, Furyoku, and insert the spirit into a medium it was familiar (samurai=katana). Other types of shamans are Spiritualistic Medium (can summon dead souls from the other world back to this world), Priest (controls the dead person's body itself) and Necromancer (controls the bones of the dead).
Every 500 a Shaman Fight is held to choose a Shaman King, who will look over and decide the course of the world for next 500 years with the Great Spirits. It is said that if you become a Shaman King, the Great Spirits grant you a wish.
"The appearance of the two stars of destruction, Ragoh and Keito, flying across the sky and proclaims to all the Shamans of the start of the tournament. " -Shaman King wikia
Shaman Fight is separated into a three parts. In the first part you meet your own Patch offical, who tests your skills. If you manage defeat him during the time limit of 10 minutes, he will grant you an Oracle Bell, a device that holds (without anyone actually knowing it) the rules of the Fight and how to get in touch with the Patch officals and it also tells your Furyoku level. This device is a passport to the Fight, without it you can't enter the Patch Village, where the Round Two is held.
Second part, Round One, a shaman battles three opponents individually. If you win at least two, you'll get to the Round Two. One win and one draw as well is enough even if you lose one battle.
After getting past Round One, the competitors have three months to get to Patch Village for the Round Two, where the actual tournament is held. Only hint is that it is somewhere around America. After getting there, they form three-man teams. The Fight is a basic tournament: if you lose, you're out, and the winner team advances.

Yoh's first Oversoul while battling against Silva.

The main character Yoh Asakura is lazy and easy-going boy, whose only purpose in life is to get an easy life. Or easy life for his fiance Anna Kyoyama, as she says it. In the first episode he meets Manta Oyadama, his class mate and first human friend. Manta isn't a shaman, but he helps Yoh many times during the show. Yoh's main spirit is Amidamaru, 600 years old samurai. Amidamaru's spirit remained in this world for 600 years, because before he died, he made promise with his best friend Mosuke that Mosuke would fix Amidamaru's sword Harusame to perfect state, and they would run away from evil daimyo they were serving. Daimyo sent his men after Amidamaru, which he killed before dying himself, never getting Harusame back. Yoh and Amidamaru leave to become Shaman King, along with their friends Horohoro, an Ainu boy from Hokkaido who controls ice with his spirit Kororo, Bokuto no Ryu (Wooden sword Ryu), a former enemy who became Yoh's student after seeing the greatness of shamans, and found his main spirit from Togakeroh after the spirit had taken over his body first, and Tao Ren, a Chinese boy who also first was an enemy and then became Yoh's number one rival with his spirit Bason. Along the way they meet more friends, British Lyserg Diethel and American Chocolove, and also enemies, from which main baddie is Hao Asakura, who resembles Yoh greatly, and X-Laws and their leader Iron Maiden Jeanne.
Only one can become a King. Who will it be?
The most epic bad guy in the anime history, who shares a seiyu with Moomin troll..
Own thoughts:
Shaman King was maybe a second anime I started watching after actually starting to watch anime (so Pokémon, Digimon and DBZ doesn't count to this). It still on this day remains as my favourite anime :3 I never get tired of watching it, even after almost ten years soon (holy shit, it's been long!). Horohoro is my all-time favourite anime character <3
The story changes from real shamanic action (of course, with modern touch) to mecha battles. Well, not basically mechas, but that's what I call it to make it easier :'D My brother always said the "mechas" bothered him since it wasn't shaman stuff anymore, but I was always okay with it. I have also read the manga, which I liked as well. I knew the story was different, and I was kind of shy of reading the manga for maaany years. But in the end I made myself do it. I gotta say, I might like anime still better. A couple of things were weird in the manga. Like all the dying and coming back to life.
Shaman King also has a sequel, Shaman King: Flowers, which is story of Yoh and Anna's son Hana, and a side story Shaman King 0, which I'm currently both reading.

I guess it's thanks to Shaman King I'm the otaku I am today :'D

ngnalbfskdl<3 Favourite character, favourite episode~
 Next up, Beyblade! o/

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