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Animujaja part 2 2/3

Seasons: 3
Episodes: 51/51/52
Genre: Sport, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen

Beyblade is a story about kids playing with spinning tops. You read right. Spinning. Tops. Beyblades can have a spirit of an animal inside of them, a bit beast, which player can summon during the battle and the player can make various techniques for the blade. 
Main character is Takao Kinomiya/Tyson Granger, Japanese teenager who loves beybladeing. He's happy, but emotional, easy to get angry, not afraid to speak his mind, and idiot, and he has a HUGE appetite. In his blade resides Dragoon, a spirit of dragon. He has a good friend, who is called Chief/Kyouju (he's real name is actually Manabu Shien, Kenny in the dub), and who is very intelligent and knows lot about beyblades, and fixs Takao's beyblade many times during the show.

The first season could be said to be divided into five parts. First, Takao takes part into a tournamet held to see who is the best in Japan. He wins, and gets to go to Beyblade World Championships to represent Japan with runner-ups from the contest. These are Max Mizuhara/Tate, a half American half Japanese happy-go-lucky boy who has Draziel (a turtle) blade, Rei/Ray Kon, of tribe of White Tigers from China, spinning Drigger the White Tiger, and Kai Hiwatari, lone-wolf from who-knows-where who owns Dranzer, a phoenix. All these four animals represent all Chinese Four symbols. Together the four boys form The Bladebreakers (BBA Team in original version).
From Helsinki Japanese Garden, also nicknamed as "Beyblade park"! It says garden of Blue Dragon, of Black Tortoise, of White Tiger and of Red Phoenix
From Japan the group travels to China to take part in Asian tournament. There they meet Rei's old team, who also participate. Rai/Lee, his sister Mao/Mariah, Kiki/Kevin and Gao/Gary are all Rei's childhood friends, but now they accuse Rei of betrayal. Rei was given the Drigger beast from their village's elder, Rai and Mao's grandfather. But soon after that, he left the village, taking Drigger with him. White Tiger tribe lives at the mountains in the middle of no where, and Rei had wanted to see the world and meet strong opponents. His friends don't know this, since he left without a word, and think he stole Drigger. In the end, they see how the things really is, and become friends again.
Next up is America. In USA there is large Beyblade association, called PPB (Power Play Beyblade), where the country's team, the All Starz come from, just as Japan's team is formed by same kind of group, BBA (Battle Association Beyblade). All the members are masters in some other sport or hobby activity. The tournament team consists Emily (tennis), Steve (American football), Eddie (basketball) and their captain Michael (baseball). But for Bladebreaker's surprise the couch of the team is Max's mom, Judy! Max is just as surprised as the others, as he thought his mom is a teacher of college. They both must put their emotions behind for the battle!

After America is Russian tournament, but by a trick of their manager, Mr. Dickenson/Daitenji, the boys end up travelling across the Europe first, to meet the best bladers of the continent: Robert from Germany, Oliver from France, Enrique/Giancarlo from Italy and Johnny from England. After beating them, the Bladebreakers finally get to Russia for the final showdown. But more old familiar faces occure. The host of the tournamet, Volkov/Boris, holds an abbey where Kai used to live and train as a kid, and the tournament's benefactor is no else than Kai's grandfather, Voltaire Hiwatari, and they try to take over the world. Kai joins Russian team, the Demolition Boys, along with Yuriy/Tala, Sergei/Spencer and Ian, who are all raised up to be emotionless battle machines. But friendship wins, and Kai returns to his friends, his past cleared now, for the battle. His place is taken by Boris/Bryan. The Bladebreakers become the World Champions, and the world is saved from Voltaire.
The most presentable picture there is
In the second season the Bladebreakers are once again united by an common enemy. This time it's a group called the Psychics. Their leader Gideon and Dr. B send various opponents against the team. Their plot is to create an artifical bit beast, a cyber bit beast. But all the users are taken over by the beasts, including Kai's class mate Yuuya/Wyatt, who ends up dying. Psychic's main team in the first part are Kane (Cyber Dragoon), Salima (Cyber Drigger), Jim (Cyber Draziel) and Goki (Cyber Dranzer). On the top of that, Saint Shields named group is also after the Four Holy Bit beasts. Ozuma, Mariam, Yusuf/Joseph and Dunga want to capture them so that the beast couldn't be used wrong, as it is their tribe's mission to protect them. But in the end they see that the bit beasts are in good hands.
Team Psychic from last ending of G-Revolution
 After Gideon and B defeated, the true boss of Psychics, Dr. Zagart, steals an ancient stone holding bit beasts from PPB. Bladebreakers also meet boy named Zeo, who soon is found out to be Zagart's son. It's also revealed that the reason Psychic's action is to get Four Bit beast for Zeo, so he could turn into a real boy. Zeo is an android copy of Zagart's real son, who is dead.
In V-Force there is also a World Championships, this time in pairs. Takao and Max, and Kai and Rei take part, and again Takao is victorious. In this season, they also get a new friend, a girl named Hiromi/Hilary, Takao and Chief's class mate.

The third season has two story arcs. The World Championships start again, but now Takao is faced with a problem. Max, Kai and Rei both return to their own countries, to be representatives there. Takao is stuck with new character, Daichi, who spins Gaia Dragoon/Strata Dragoon (resembles also the Four Spirits, being the Center). Daichi is a young kid who wants to be the best in Japan, as his late father wished him to be. Together Takao and Daichi from BBA Revolution, with Takao's big brother Hitoshi/Hiro as their coach. Max also gets a new team mate, a young man called Rick, who is very cocky and the two don't get along first. Rei teams up with Rai, and Kai with Yuriy. For third time, Takao wins. But he also has great pressure for winning. He has many emotional battles.
Girl power!
After the World Championships, the main team hears BBA is being demolished, and replaced by BEGA (Beyblade Entertainment Global Accociation), a group of professional beybladers lead by no one else but Volkov. As Takao refuses to join him, he puts up a Justice Five named tournament and gives Takao a month to gather five man team. Daichi, Rei and Max join immediately, but for their surprise, Kai decides to join BEGA! And to make things even more complicated, heroes' beys aren't even match for the pros'. Kenny invents a new beyblade, called Hard Metal System, and the team gets lots of help from their friends. But where to find the fifth member to new G-Revolution team? No one else is able to master the HSM!
The battle day comes. BEGA's team consists Garland, Ming Ming, Moses/Crusher and Brooklyn. At the last minute, Kai joins Takao and the others!

Own thoughts:
I've liked Beyblade ever since it first aired in Finland, and it's still one of my favourites <3 I watched G-Revolution, the third season a couple of years after the fist and the second one, and there was no going back. I can watch it over and over again, and not get tired of it!
First I only watched the English dub, but then changed to original version. It took a little getting used to, but I managed :'D
My favorite season is G-Revolution. The favorite character... well.... I can't decide! I currently have battle with Zeo (who it was before) and Oliver. But I love all the characters <3 except the adult baddies... And while writing this, I found out Daichi actually has a MEANING! \o/ I mean, I read somewhere he was put in anime because he was so popular in games, but I thought he was given Dragoon as well just randomly, because Takao Aoki ran out of ideas. But if you open that link of Four Chinese symbols, your find a fifth one, a Yellow Dragon who resembles the Center and Earth. And Strata Dragoon is a YELLOW DRAGON, with Earth element! Holy shit! There is actually a point! O[]O
It's quite fun if you think: Beyblade's are, like, 5x5cm sized plastic tops. If you sit at the back row of the stadium, you can't even see them if there wasn't that 100 times zooming screen! But still, the whole world is like "This is the best thing ever!!! \o/". And you can even get hospitalized because of beyblading! And they blow up staduims and buildings and towns!! If your parents ever told you toys were dangerous, they must have meant these.
What I have always wondered, and what annoys me greatly in this show, is that it's always "Takao is the world chapion". Umm, excuse me, the first season the Bladebreakers won, then Takao AND Max, then Takao AND Daichi (and Chief, as he was the third member). Takao never won alone!
Zeo: "Remember kids, this is Sirius business."
I'll try to get rest in the one post :'D I doubt I have this much to say about them! I might have gotten LITTLE carried away here...

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