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Because this wasn't supposed to be just a cosplay blog, I thought that I could write about animes/mangas I'm currently watching/reading. Now days I'm really lazy when watching anime. Not meaning I'm like "bleh, do I have to", or that I wouldn't like it anymore. I just might watch two or three episodes a week, plus the still airing ones that release one episode a week.

I can only watch, like, two completed series at the time. Because for some weird principle of mine, I have to watch them like one episode of this, and one episode of that right after. I can't do like, five episodes of Inuyasha, then one DBKai. I have no idea why l'D Lately I have improved a bit on this side, because I have not felt like watching DB.

I haven really liked watching animes while they are still airing before either. When Free! started, I made an exception. And there it started.... :'D

So, currently I'm watching:

Inuyasha: Rewatching. 56/193. Inuyasha is a anime I first started during my first otaku years, I don't really remember when, but early. And it has stayed as one of my favourites until today. Koga is another of my all time favourite characters <3 I have watched the first anime a couple of times, I think, and read the manga many times, but since it has been a while, and Final Act finished I-don't-remember-when-but-not-that-long-time-ago, I wanted to watch WHOLE Inuyasha. Do I have to say anything else? I just love i<3

Otome Youkai Zakuro: 8/13. I saw Calssara's Zakuro cosplay, and she flatter this anime, so I thought of giving it a try. So far it has been good, it's very cute and I like the idea :3 Kinda feels like combined Rurouni Kenshin and Inuyasha? o_O

Dragonball Kai: 13/97. Sometimes called Dragonball Z Kai. I've planned watching this for long time, since it aired. As you might know, Kai is a remake of DBZ, for Z's 20th anniversary. Kai is made to follow manga more strictly, and dubs follow the original more than during Z. Meaning by following manga, meaning it cut off all the unnecessary shit Z had. Z had 291 episodes, Kai 97 episodes.... I also tried to watch this on Japanese, since I've always had problems with DB's Japanese voices.. I managed three episodes, then I had to change back to English dub :'D But I will still try!! o/

And still on-air ones:

Kill la Kill: 9/25. I was randomly checking airing series that I could start following, this was first one. It has been... interensing... :'D Now they have finally added Comedy to genres next to School life and Action. I wonder why they haven't given Ecchi to it, since Kill la Kill surely is that. I'm not into ecchi series, but Kill la Kill has been enjoyable anime.The drawing style is interesting and different from what I'm used to and it's not a bad thing. The idea using school unifroms as weapons is funny :'D I've had many laughs.

Nagi no Asukara: 9/26. This anime. The cuteness is overloaded. It's so sweet I can't take it! <3 Characters and the idea are nice. And the style is very cute. Did I already say cute? I can't say anything else about this l'D

Kyoukai no Kanata: 10/13. So far I have liked this as well. Idea is interensing. Too bad it seems to be left so short.

Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season: 9/26. Before Free! I didn't really mind sport animes. Cilla recommended KnB to me sometime earlier this year when I was asking around what to watch, but I only watched it now :'D I was a little bit dissapointed, as I had heard so much good about KnB, but first I didn't think it was that good. Now I have warmed up for it. Not my favourite, but still good :'D

Magi The Kingdom of Magic: 9/?. Do I even need to say it. Magiii <3<3 And I have no ida why, but while reading manga, I thought Spinthus was a woman. The face I had when I heard his male voice.

Free! Specials: 4/7. These are just as good as the anime itself <3

Attack on Titan Picture Drama: 3/?. ToocuteIdon'teven----

Then mangas (I'm even more lazy when it comes into reading manga l'D I've always been into anime more):

Kyoukai no Rinne: 11/? (volumes). I like this. Of course, it's Rumiko Takahashi<3 Well, it's not so good as Inuyasha or Ranma, but good anyway. Too bad Egmont is quiting translating manga, it won't finish Rinne >: I read much rather form book than from internet.

Magi: 205/?.  Magi is still <3

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun:  Anime wasn't much anything, since it was these "ended before manga" ones. Manga is cute, but bit boring. All these "I love you, no wait I don't, of yes I do after all"and all other love-problems.... *sigh*

Pokémon Adventures: Much better than anime :'D based more on games. LeafGreen/FireRed is my favourite arc~ 

Shaman King Flowes: 17/?. Sequel of Shaman King, tells story of Hana, Yoh and Anna's son. I still can't figure the timeline, buuut nevermind. It's good. I love seeing Shaman Kids (Ahaha, get it?), and seeing continue to my all time favourite anime <3

Shaman King 0: 5/? I'm listing this here even though I'm not sure if it's still ongoing. MAL lists it completes, but MangaHere ongoing. (And in last Flowers chapter, it was said this month will come out 0, not Flowers chapter). Kinda like prequel for SK. Horo Horo <3

 Wow, that's actually pretty much for same time.... o_O How do I do this!? And ow have I managed to pick animes that all started at the same time (all get 10th episode this week)? :'D

This song always makes me laugh x3

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