lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

Good news!

1. I got accepted to baker-confectioner school!! \o/ It's an adult education, so the school will be around 4 pm to 9 pm four times a week for max. two years. It's starting 14th of January. I'm so hapyyy!!!! I did try to apply the youth education last spring, but didn't get in. Well, I wasn't surprised, after all, I already have high school and the chef education...
Now I'd just need to tell my boss about this :'D Well, I did say at the job interview that I have applied there, and I WILL get in. We talked that maybe I could do a couple of days every week there, but then I started thinking I maybe don't want to work the days I have school (since physical job at morning and physical school at evening... nooooope), and they don't have work on weekends there.. So I was thinking it would be easier to quit there (Well gee, I had been already 3½ weeks, it's about time l'DD). Besides, I've gotten some kind of rash on my wrists while being there :/ 
Well, I have shift with my boss tomorow, so I can talk with him then.

2. EDGJFHTALEJFLNWGLHMHAEH I'M GOING TO JAPAN NEXT SUMMER!!!!! \o/ I'm leaving 3.6. and coming back 13.6. So ten days at Tokyo! :DD I'm going there with my friend. This is also first time I'm traveling outside Europe and without my family. I'm so excited! <3 We paid 570 € for the flights each. We still need to find a hotel to stay. The flight takes ~23 hours and has two changes, at Amsterdam and at Hong Kong. It's good to have company on that long trip :'D We still haven't thought were we want to visit, but we're staying only at Tokyo. I think there is enough to see for two first timers l'D Hihiiii~ I have only dreamed this since.... I was 13 maybe :'DD We were supposed to go to Japan in 2011 with my family, to Tokyo AND Kyoto, we had flights and hotels booked, but then came the earthquake/tsunami just a month before our trip would have started so it was cancelled >: So instead we went to Portugal. It was nice too, but knowing you COULD have been in Japan, it kinda reduced the mood a bit :'D

I visited Tuomaa's fair at Helsinki this morning with my parents. It's was held at in front of Helsinki Cathedtal, like every year. There were all kinds of small cottages where the shops were, selling Finnish handicrafts and treats. I have been there already for a couple of years before too. Of course, the mood would have been more Christmas-y if we would have snow >: WHERE IS OUR SNOW!!!?? 

We had some last week, but then it melted right away >: Then there was as storm yesterday. My dad and I went to custom service at morning at Helsnki-Vantaa's airport to get my packet (Elyon's shoes). While waiting at the car to the custom to open, it was blowing so hard that it felt the car was shaking! Good thing our electricity wasn't cut, many houses are still without electricity.

I also went to Fantasiapelit, our manga/nerd shop, and bought three first volumes of Attack on Titan~ I was wondering whether to start buying Magi or this, but since Magi has come out only for 3 volumes here, and I'm reading it on internet, I decided to start with Titans. I'm going to buy both anyway at some point. I wonder how many volumes Titans have :o The drawing style in manga isn't really what I usually like, but maybe I'll get used to it :3
Also they started releasing Magic Knight Rayearth in Finnish yesterday. I was planning to buy it as well. Maybe I'll now get to read it to the end at last :'D

So that this wouldn't be a completely photoless post, here's my finished Elyon cosplay ^w^

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